Special Warranty Interval Deed (Timeshare Deed)

Timeshares are a little bit tricky, and we’ve become quite adept at navigating all of the various pitfalls associated with transferring interest in a timeshare.

Special Warranty Interval Deeds will transfer ownership interest of a timeshare property. We make the process simple, and keep you informed every step of the way… from preparation to execution to recording, we’re right there doing the heavy lifting!

What are the steps involved? We guide you through the process. Usually for a timeshare, you’ll have to provide us with a copy of the current deed… but we do pretty much everything else: Prepare and deliver your documents with signing instructions (or you can sign in our office for free) Record your document with the appropriate county. That’s it, you’ve successfully transferred title! Call (855) DOC-EASY for timeshare questions.

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