Real Estate Power of Attorney

If you, a property owner, are going to be unavailable to sign legal documents that deal with your real estate, a simple document can be used to give someone else with authority to sign on your behalf: a Real Estate Power of Attorney.

Whether you need to transfer, sell, encumber (mortgage) or otherwise convey your real estate, having this document properly executed ahead of time will save you headache in the future.

a Power of Attorney must have several elements to be valid for real estate transactions… and when we say “valid” we mean that a future title insurer will accept the document as credible. Specific language must be included in the deed. It must be witnessed and executed, and the signatures must be notarized by a notary the title insurance company has “approved” within their company. The document must then be recorded with the County Recorder’s Office attaching a legal description of the property the POA is to be used for. A Real Estate Power of Attorney can certainly be a bit tricky. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or simply add this product and check out! will assist you in the preparation, notarization and recording of your General or Special Power of Attorney. Get started today to eliminate headaches tomorrow!

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