How do I transfer property to my business?


We’ve recently been asked to clear up a few things about how to transfer title of property to a business entity, and more specifically, how to disclose the vesting of a business entity on a deed when transferring title. At it’s our job to do such things, and we love our job, so we thought [...]

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Ways to Hold Title to Real Estate in Arizona


COMMUNITY PROPERTY Because Arizona is a community property State, there is a statutory presumption that all property acquired by husband and wife during the marriage, except property acquired by gift, devise or descent, is community property. Community property is an estate of co-ownership between married persons only. Neither spouse, acting individually, may transfer or encumber real [...]

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Which deed is right for me?


Well, that depends! Over time our legal system has developed many types of deeds, each with its own particular manner of conveying (or affirming) rights, title or interest in property… usually real estate. The term “deed” comes from an ancient ritual called livery of seisin, wherein the grantor would perform an act (deed) of physically handing [...]

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Using generic real estate forms may cost you a fortune


Beware of fill-in-the-blank forms Benny L. Kass, Housing Counsel recently wrote an article for the Chicago Tribune we at found quite interesting! He points out the prevalence of downloadable, generic forms on the internet… and why using them isn’t always a good idea. Here’s a few excerpts from that article: …I cannot recommend using boilerplate [...]

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